Current Yallo Features

Go Yallo

No cell reception? No problem! With Go Yallo you are still available for calls to your regular number via WiFi and Yallo. When you direct calls from your regular number into Yallo you benefit from all our features for your incoming calls – not just outgoing ones.

For the Record

Save calls and listen later. Forward a recorded call to somebody else. Search based on keywords and phrases used in the call. Once calls were lost, now they’re found.

Call Caption

Want to let someone know why you’re calling so they can decide to pick up or not? Call Caption is the answer. Write a quick message that gives someone the context in advance.

Existing Phone Numbers Welcome

No need to get a new number or transfer your existing one. Yallo works with your current number.

Insanely low cost International Calls

If you need to dial internationally – our international dialing rates are the lowest in the industry.


Make any device your phone, regardless of where your SIM card is.
Out of juice or lost your phone? No problem. Log in to Yallo on someone else’s phone and voila! it is your phone. Outgoing calls have your caller ID and incoming calls to your regular number, now come to your newly adopted phone.

Upcoming Features

One Click Group Call

The simplicity of a chat room meets voice conversations. Use existing groups (WhatsApp etc.) or create new ones.

Transcribe Your Voicemails

No more endless button-pressing. Your voicemails are automatically transcribed in your email.

Connection Keeper

Yallo holds your connection even when the signal fades, then automatically restores it when the signal is back. No more dropped calls and the frustrating dance of who’s calling whom back…

Busy Buster

When both parties agree that their calls take priority, Yallo gently but firmly interrupts a call to connect you – and bust the busy signal…

Number Up

Get additional phone numbers added to your Yallo as simple as 1-2-3. Use them for different aspects of life: work vs. home, to have local numbers in different locations (international, too!), or as your Craigslist or eBay number… to list a few.

Starting the journey to empower your calls.

One App. Endless possibilities.

Why Should Messaging and Social Networking Have all the Fun??

The phone call has been stuck in a time warp. It’s been unchanged for generations, while the rest of our communication options are bursting with innovation – thanks to the the power of the smart phones and cloud technology.

At Yallo our mission is to reimagine the phone call as a platform for entertainment, personalization, organization, storage, and radical efficiency. After all, there’s no more powerful form of communication than the human voice. (It says much more than the human finger ever could.)

Yallo lets you do things with the ordinary phone call that were never possible before. Practical things – like automatically re-connect dropped calls; save a call and share it. Or summon a group call with a single click. Or interrupt a call when a priority caller needs you. Fun things, too.

It’s the very beginning of a new world where everyone can be call powerful.
With the conventional phone infrastructure, the system doesn’t know you from Adam. Yallo is putting personalization at the core of our platform, married to rich functional capabilities and technological flexibility.

Once, the phone was the most innovative thing we held in our hands. Soon, it will be once again. And we are inviting you to join our journey to make everyone fall in love with the phone call all over again. Stay tuned and keep listening.

The Technology Behind Yallo


The Yallo infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most secure and private cloud environments available. It constitutes an extremely scalable, reliable platform that supports highly secure data deployment. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

Flexible and Personalized

Yallo’s platform is built for maximum flexibility to create and personalize new experiences. The core of our platform is customer aware and adaptable, and supports easy implementation of features that are intimately connected to telephony experience and functionality.


Yallo’s unique cloud based elastic architecture is as scalable as they come. It is designed to scale from a geography, volume, and number of users perspective seamlessly and automatically as needed.

It is a Game Changer


I already use Yallo when I'm traveling and want to receive calls at no added cost. I am impressed by the quality of the calls!

Iván Jorge Gadeschi (

I'm a Yallo user. This app is amazingly awesome. Good luck guys, keep rocking!

Yair Bar On (

Yallo looks to re-invent the standard phone call

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